All treatment starts with a comprehensive evaluation.

The goal of this first contact is to gain an understanding of the current concerns in the context of the individual’s medical and personal history. This is a complex individualized assessment and not a series of questionnaires and check boxes. This forms the foundation of a plan to address identified issues.

Treatment options include:

  • Medication treatment
  • Individual psychotherapy

The decision to pursue a course of medication or psychotherapy is based on the patient’s preference and their comprehensive evaluation. There are often multiple reasonable approaches to the treatment of a given condition or symptom.  Dr. Madhavan does not demand a specific approach be taken as long as he feels the chosen path is indicated and likely to be tolerable and effective.  The goal is to deliver the care a patient wants and needs, when they want and need it.

Case management services are not available through this practice. Referrals for these services may be available.

People in acute crisis should seek immediate care by calling the King County Crisis Line at 206.461.3222, calling 911, or going to the nearest emergency room.