Industry-free CME RSS Feed added

I just added a new RSS feed from  This is an organization that helps physicians and other health care providers sort through the well funded marketing messages put out by the pharmaceutical industry.  I have been a believer in independent decision making for a long time (well before I went to medical school) and the issue of industry-funded CME (Continuing Medical Education) is one that I feel threatens the credibility of psychiatry and medicine as a whole.  Medications have made a huge impact on the health and wellness of people world-wide.  Medications also have side-effects, potential for adverse outcomes, and financial costs.  Physicians are at their best when they weigh the benefits of a medication against the costs, with the goal of relieving suffering or improving function.  This balance is thrown off when their decision making process is impacted by pharmaceutical industry marketing messages.  This is why I have always been committed to running a “Pharma-free” practice and why I do not accept gifts, CME or money from any pharmaceutical company, medical device manufacturer or their intermediaries.  I believe in the utility of medications prescribed with thought and deliberation and free of conflict of interest.

Some of the posts from are mind-boggling but I think people reading this blog can handle it.


Ernest Madhavan, MD

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